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French National Assembly Pro

2.57 usd

This version contains no advertisement banner.By using our app, French National Assembly, you can learn all the great statistics about your own deputy or any of the others as they happen.  Follow tweets and facebook pages to track them all in real time!
The app features a set of podiums which rank the officials in their work efficiency, so in an instant you can decide which ones are actually doing their jobs, or perhaps which ones just seem to be lollygagging.
In addition, you can also search the deputies by name or constituencies, or browse the lot by immersing yourself in the semicircle of deputies who inhabit the Palais Bourbon walls.
Each deputy's page contains detailed information gathered from Nos Deputes (speeches, intervention, discourse, attendance, committees, efficiency, law proposal, amendments), and links to each of their facebook pages, twitters, the official site of the National Assembly, and Nos Deputes.
Finally, as an added bonus, you can learn more about how exactly the assembly functions directly from this app, to further educate yourself about politics in France.